Experimenting with self-portraiture photography at a young age of 14, Amy Haslehurst has since utilised this as a tool to explore the internal landscapes of the human mind and create realities as a form of escapsism from anxiety and melancholy. After nine year, Amy's latest work features hooded 'others' and interprets Icelandic folklore and the paranormal amongst vast and empty landscapes.


Amy Haslehurst is a 23 year old artist and photographer from Perth, Western Australia.
She holds a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts and Photography, and currently lives and works alongside Benjamin Hardman in a cabin in the wilderness of Iceland.

Enquiries: amy@benjaminhardman.com





LONE: Photographic portraits of Iceland, KURB Gallery, Perth 2014

EMERGING ARITSTS AWARD South Perth, Group show, 2015

AUTOLUMINESCENT: an exhibition showcasing photography gradautes Curtin University, Perth 2015

CURTIN ART DEGREE SHOW: an exhibition showcasing Fine Art graduates Curtin University, Perth 2015

LENS OBSCURA - Last Rites Gallery, group show, New York 2017











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